What is Oscar Mike?

Oscar Mike is active life.

We are an American-made lifestyle apparel brand that exists to support our 501c-3 non-profit foundation. We use 100% of all donations and the proceeds from apparel sales to help rehabilitate injured Veterans through adaptive sporting events.

The term “Oscar Mike” comes from military radio jargon used on the front lines. It translates to “On the Move.” To us, being Oscar Mike means being active, staying positive and living life to its absolute fullest.

We are a group of Veterans, athletes, artists and individuals from all walks of life who want to embody the spirit of hard work on which America was founded. We’re striving to bring back that tough, can-do spirit our country was built on while honoring and helping our injured Veterans… and we want to look bad-ass while doing it!

Our 501c-3 non-profit foundation was founded on Veterans Day, 11/11/11.

Why Support Oscar Mike?

Because we support you.

Our mission is to keep you “On the Move” in every aspect of life. We believe that by staying active and focusing on the next upcoming goal, anyone can realize their full potential. We want to keep you inspired to do just that.

We also help rehabilitate injured veterans and individuals via adaptive sporting events through the efforts our non-profit organization The Oscar Mike Foundation (registered 501c3). We organize and participate in high-energy extreme events for injured and able bodied individuals alike. We don’t view disabilities as road blocks, but more as challenges to own and overcome.

No rush, no reward.

The Story

In 2003, 21 year old Marine Corporal Noah Currier from Poplar Grove, IL, was deployed to Iraq with Charlie Co 1st LAR as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Three days after arriving home from combat Noah and a fellow Marine were in a vehicle headed back toward Camp Pendleton when the driver fell asleep at the wheel sending their vehicle rolling down an embankment. Noah suffered a severe paralyzing spinal cord injury from the accident.

Seeking a way to afford the necessary physical therapy for himself and a fellow injured Marine, Noah came up with the concept of using a t-shirt inspired by his brotherhood in the Marine Corps as a fundraiser. He designed a shirt that boldly stated He who sheds blood with me shall forever be my brother across the back. The shirts quickly caught on with supporters and the fundraiser turned out to be an overwhelming success. Enough units were sold to afford Noah and his friend another six months of additional life-changing physical therapy.

Since then, this one-time fundraiser has evolved into a mission to help others in similar positions of need.

The Mission

“Staying active and on the move is the key to recovering physically and mentally after any injury”

Noah Currier 

“The thought process was simple”, states Currier. “We must expand this approach to help others. If injured Veterans create an organization, then they have a unique opportunity to lead by example, inspire movement, hire other injured Veterans and help our economy by making everything right here in the U.S.”.

The only thing left to do was pick the perfect name to bring it all together. Oscar Mike is radio jargon used by troops on the front lines to say, “Get On-the-Move!”, hence making it the perfect moniker for an organization who’s core is motivating and inspiring an active, positive and productive lifestyle.

Noah also noticed a significant void in American made apparel products, and thus vowed to keep Oscar Mike 100% American made from start to finish.

Oscar Mike Today

Since that initial fundraiser, Noah has turned Oscar Mike into a full-fledged clothing line consisting of 100% American made military themed apparel and brand-line active wear. Oscar Mike has allowed Noah to employ other injured Vets, aid in rehabilitative programs, organize an injured Veteran based non-profit (The Oscar Mike Foundation) and not to be overlooked, it’s allowed Noah to stay On the Move in his own personal life after his injury.

Oscar Mike has been monumental in making a difference in many people’s daily lives and will continue to do so with the unwavering support of people like YOU.

“…the best part is, we’re just getting started. Join Team Oscar Mike and help us help others to stay On the Move.”

Noah Currier


About The Oscar Mike Foundation


Mission: To assist and promote injured Veterans in staying “On the Move”.



Oscar Mike wants to see all injured Veterans utilize their full potential and live rewarding and productive lives.

Through 100% of the donations to the Oscar Mike Foundation and all profits from Oscar Mike Apparel sales, we provide injured Veterans with the opportunity to be “Oscar Mike” in all aspects of life.

By focusing on the arena of adaptive sports, the Oscar Mike Foundation assists in offering an outlet for an ongoing competitive lifestyle to thousands of American Veterans who have each given the most in the service of their country.


What Makes Us Different:


We are injured Veterans who understand what other injured Veterans need to get “On the Move” and remain productive members of society. We can relate to them, because we are them.



You Can Help:

This is your chance to give back to our injured Veterans.

Donating to Oscar Mike is donating equally to all of the most dominant supporters of injured Veterans and rehabilitative sporting events. Oscar Mike understands the value of adaptive sports and it’s ability to increase an injured Veteran’s “mental toughness”.

YOU can directly contribute to helping Veterans meet their rehabilitation goals and reimagine their full potential.

Donate Online:


All profits from Oscar Mike Apparel sales go back to the Oscar Mike Foundation.

Mail a Donation Payable to:

21003 River Rd.
Marengo, IL 60152