Our Commitment


In 2011, we started a company to promote American industry through an active lifestyle and we vowed to keep everything from the design and manufacturing to the printing and shipping of each item right here in the US. We also employ Veterans whenever possible.


Why It Matters


Over the last 50 years Americans have lost a huge industry: currently, almost all of our clothing is made overseas. We want to help influence a shift back. The more we buy here, the more we make here, the more we all stand to gain.


Why Apparel?


There are 7 billion people on this planet and over 315 million Americans. Most of us own at least one T-shirt. If each of us spent just $50 a year on US-made items, it would create $15B in revenue & introduce thousands of jobs into the economy.



Did you know?

  • The T-shirt was introduced to the United States in or around 1905 by the US Navy as part of their uniform.
  • Before becoming part of American culture, the T-shirts common in European countries were made from exported American Cotton.
  • Marines in WWI adopted the T-shirt from the Navy and dyed the bright white shirts with coffee so they could be worn in the field without being spotted by the enemy.
  • Although initially considered underwear, the T-shirt became more widely accepted as appropriate attire after civilians saw images of soldiers wearing them.
  • The 1939 film The Wizard of OZ features three actors wearing green T-shirts with the word OZ, one of the earliest recorded images of a “slogan T-shirt”.
  • In 1942, LIFE Magazine featured a cover photo of a soldier sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with Air Corps Gunnery School logos, popularizing the idea of printed military and athletic T-shirts.
  • The standard white T-shirt exploded into modern fashion in the 1950s after the public saw a rugged Marlon Brando star in A Streetcar Named Desire and a dangerously dashing James Dean star in Rebel Without A Cause, solidifying the T-shirt as the easy going uniform for handsome trouble makers.
  • Plastisol ink was invented in 1959, catapulting the idea of the common screen printed T-shirt, now the most popular piece of clothing on the planet!



“Made in America”…

Arguably three of the most important words in the history of our country, behind “we the people.”

The American Dream used to refer to a country where we could forge our own futures with hard work, ingenuity & industry. That’s no longer a reality for most of us, but it could be again.

Oscar Mike IS American-Made

Oscar Mike proudly sources its materials and produces its products in the USA for a number of reasons. From supporting our domestic economy, to providing premium quality products and ensuring we maintain ethical working conditions for employees throughout the entire production process, we just don’t see any other way of doing business. We want our customers to rest assured that they are rallying behind a company that cares about the American dream and our future generations every time they sport our gear.

Now… how many T-shirts do you own?

It’s time. There is a movement. There are a growing number of us who want to reclaim what we wear and what we buy and you can be part of this movement with us.

It’s simple. If we come together and start supporting American-made items, we’ll begin to flourish again. Why not start with T-shirts?

We can be proud of what we wear on our back and know that it supports and changes the lives of those around us.