Noah Currier

President / Founder

It took Noah Currier all of six years to get out of his “funk.” Six years after the traumatic accident that paralyzed him from the chest down, former Marine Cpl. Currier finally found the drive to get back into competitive sports—and has been “Oscar Mike” (“on the move”) ever since.

In 2011 he officially forged the Oscar Mike apparel brand and the Oscar Mike Foundation, both of which are thriving and providing a means for anyone and everyone to get active and stay ON THE MOVE.

Michael Larson

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Larson AKA “The Old Man” at Oscar Mike has been a blessing to us from the moment he came aboard. Michael was a Captain in the Army and was medically retired after suffering a c5/6 spinal cord injury.

Michael has been instrumental in the growth and development of Oscar Mike and the OM foundation. Michael goes as far as jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with an OM shirt on just to support the cause and inspire others. Oh yeah… he does a good job managing our finances too!

    Marky Hladish

    Creative Director / Lead Designer

    For the better part of the last decade Marky Hladish has been drawing and designing for everyone from national brands to major label recording artists, so when OM Founder Noah Currier needed an artist to create the first Oscar Mike shirts, Marky was an easy choice. In 2011, Noah invited Marky to bring his dedication and experience to the Oscar Mike team to be in charge of developing the bad-ass look and feel of all things Oscar Mike, and he’s been doing so ever since.

    Jesus Gallegos

    Social Media / Special Beard Ops

    Jesus Gallegos served in the same Marine Corps unit and Company with OM founder Noah Currier during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Jesus was around when Oscar Mike was just an idea five years ago and he was around to get Oscar Mike’s first unit order.

    Jesus has literally stood in a hail storm to help make a sale for Oscar Mike. We are proud to have a guy like this that will go above and beyond to accomplish any mission for the team.

    He also rocks the sweetest beard known to mankind. You're welcome, ladies.

      Zach Stepek

      Web Technologies / New Media

      Zach is an award winning interactive developer and designer with nearly 15 years of experience designing and developing websites and applications. As an instructor, Zach has traveled throughout North America speaking about all sorts of web related technologies making him an ideal candidate to keep the Oscar Mike website running smooth.

        Arthur Schroeder

        Videographer / New Media

        Since 2008 Arthur has been creating stunning photos and visuals for clients of all sizes. Lately, he has been lending his incredible talent to Oscar Mike, directing numerous product shoots and video productions on location and in the office.

        When he's not incredibly busy editing OM pictures, he can be found QB'ing his flag football team or manning the Oscar Mike drone, snagging those long range air strike videos that we all love.

        Dan Rose

        Roll Model

        Transformation is nothing new to Sgt. Rose. In a period of just a few years, he graduated at the top of his class at the University of Wisconsin with a dual degree in molecular chemistry and biochemistry, became a lumberjack, and then decided to join the Army. But then, in May of 2011 his life (and his RG-31 Mine Restraint Ambush Protected vehicle) would be turned upside down in the Shah District of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

        After the incident, his first thoughts were on his driver and his gunner who were groaning, in pain, hurt, but still alive!… “Well Dad, I got a little nick but I am ok”, is how Rose later described his injuries, which resulted in paralysis from his chest down.

        D-Rose brings that same outspoken spirit of positivity and mental fortitude to the Oscar Mike staff as he assists in OM events and shows.

          Tim Vixay

          Roll Model

          Tim Vixay is a Marine Corps Veteran and was medically retired after suffering a C5/6 spinal cord injury. He hasn’t let that slow him down though. Tim is still active in a variety of sports, works out frequently, and is a killer one-pointer to have on your rugby team.

          Tim has conquered his situation and is inspiring others to do the same. He was the perfect person to join the Oscar Mike team to further our involvement in athletics and competitive sports.

            Aaron Matthews

            Event Photographer

            Aaron Matthews is always one step ahead of Team Oscar Mike, literally. He spends his time sprinting ahead of our team to prep each shot as they burn through obstacle course runs, races and tough mudders together. He also contributes to the Oscar Mike social media and online presence. His military service was cut short due to a C6 incomplete spinal cord injury, but there's nothing that Aaron won't do to stay On the Move.