OM teams up with Project Join Us


Today, February 2, 2014 Oscar Mike and Project Join Us come together with our shared missions to inspire America while expressing gratitude for freedom.

“I am looking forward to the adventures we at Project Join Us will have with Noah and the creative team at Oscar Mike. Noah’s integrity shines and will reflect in the products we bring to you. Chicagoland is in the heart of our nation and will serve as a place where “Made in America”, “Gratitude for Freedom” and “Connecting Commerce and Philanthropy” can flourish.

Now, Join Us on our journey and relive the tales of the people that inspire us to be On the Move. 
– Diana Anastazia of Project Join Us

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Once upon the sands of time, Trails of Tales intertwined…


Of the many Veterans in my life, we choose to honor a WWII Hero on this particular day.  He sailed in the Higgins boats with the first waves onto the sandy beaches of Normandy, for Operation Overlord/D-Day. It was a day that became instrumental in keeping the spirit of freedom alive. Among his many medals, John received a Purple Heart, Silver Star, and Bronze Star. With heartfelt gratitude we thank John Chrenka, WWII Army Veteran of the Big Red One for his service.

Across the miles in Germany, a POW of the Holocaust named John Pencak, prayed and wished to God daily to be free. In 1945, after 3 years, his wish was fulfilled when America and her allies liberated the Buchenwald camps. Perhaps the rippling effects of D-Day reached across the miles in ways we cannot imagine or see with our eyes. This Polish Catholic, Holocaust Survivor, who lived to be 91 and believed that every day was his birthday, was my father. He loved America, and in his daily prayers was grateful for his freedom.



Today, we also wish John Chrenka a Happy 93rd Birthday!

Fun Fact:  I met John on the 4th of July in 2010 and also discovered he graduated from my high school, J. Sterling Morton in Cicero, IL.

We will be sharing more tales of John’s trails in the months to come.


Super Bowl Sunday with a cause to pause and reflect on POW/MIA’S

As Noah and I were planning on February 2nd as a way to honor John Chrenka and announce our collaboration, the date also coincided with Super Bowl Sunday, one of the largest celebrations in our nation. I paused to remember an exchange of words during an interview, Tony Robbins and Captain Gerald Coffee had during a Power Talk that stayed in my heart throughout the years.

“Tap Code” was a way of communication the POW’s in Vietnam used. Did you know that many of the men had been in prison for so long, they learned what the Super Bowl was through tapping on the walls?

We thank you, Captain Gerald Coffee, Ret. Navy Pilot for your service and your words of faith as you continue to inspire many around the world. Aloha!

Fun Fact: Tony Robbins is my former boss. Thank you for allowing us to share your timeless words of inspiration with Capt. Coffee.

Hard to Imagine that the Super Bowl did not exist before 1967. Perhaps today is a day we can all pause for a moment to be Grateful for Freedom. Let’s celebrate both the gift of living in a free country and the privilege to enjoy sports and the big game!

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Diana Anastazia
Project Join Us, Inc.