Jeremiah Johnson


This week we’ve got Professional bare-back bronc rider, Jeremiah Johnson. Jeremiah has not only toured the circuit professionally riding incredible animals, but has started raising his own bulls and is one heck of a smart guy who knows more about genetics than your average farm boy. He’s even named one of his bulls “Oscar Mike”! 



Introduce yourself / Where might our readers know you from?

I am Jeremiah Johnson, 37 years old, from the Lake Geneva and Burlington, WI area. I own 2J Horse Shoeing as well as 2J Bucking Bulls. I ride bulls and bare back broncs at many professional and open events around the country.


Give us a little bit of background on yourself and a run down on some of your accomplishments thus far.

When I was 17 I was Certified in Fire Fighter I & II and was part of the Explorer Program on Lyons, WI fire department. I am a certified Farrier (Horse Shoer) Graduate of Oklahoma Horse Shoeing School. I am certified in artificial insemination of Bovines, from Genex CRI and I am certified in bovine embryo transfer and super ovulation. I attended Rafter D Genetics, College Station, TX. I am a licensed WI waste water treatment plant operator and the Lead Operator at Fontana-Walworth water pollution control in Walworth, WI and I’ve completed the first level of waste water treatment, California State University, Sacramento.


What inspired you to start riding?

My late Grandpa, Roy E Johnson inspired me to ride. He was my best buddy ever. To this day I wont call for them to open the gate on a bucking chute until I feel his touch on my shoulder and hear him tell me ok.

My grandma Geraldine Staton inspired me to come out of retirement and start riding bulls and bare-back broncs. When I retired she had asked me to quit and move home from Missouri because she thought my guardian angel was tired and I was going to get myself killed. The day she passed away I was sitting next to her on the couch. She said to me “Get back in shape, start riding again. I’ll be your guardian angel”.


What is it that keeps you on the move and motivated daily to go out there and be the best that you can be?

The feeling that I know the paths that I have chosen my Grandpa Johnson would walk proud. My baby girl Gracie Mae, and her love for horses and rodeo, everyone I’ve met at Oscar Mike, and lastly the United States Constitution. It gives me the right to pursue happiness. I’m hot after it!

Break down your daily routine and how you go about prepping yourself when riding bulls.

I’m old so the most important thing I do is stretch. I also jog and do the Tapout XT workout.


What are your future goals that keep you looking forward?

I want to compete in one of the circuit finals. I also want to want to make history by being the oldest competing bull rider in the PRCA, (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assn.).


What’s your favorite piece of Oscar Mike gear?

I honestly like all of the Oscar Mike gear. My absolute favorite is my bell strap for bull riding which can double as a Oscar Mike lifeline bracelet.


What are some of your other interests? What would you do if you weren’t riding?

I love to Bow Hunt and fish!

What’s next for Jeremiah Johnson?

I want to have a large herd of bucking bulls. I would also like to start a place in SE, WI for a rodeo practice pen that helps people learn to ride.


What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Listening to my Grandma and coming out of retirement.

What’s your craziest moment with a bull?

I had a bull hook his horn in the strap of my chaps and make his self a victory lap with me on his head, banging my head on the arena panels while he was at it.

What’s been the most challenging thing to overcome thus far?

Getting back in shape. Losing 188 total pounds so far!
(Ed. Congrats, Jeremiah! Stay at it!)


Final words of wisdom or inspiration for our readers:

Look forward to your goals never look back. It will just keep you from achieving your goals longer.

If you climb on, ride it, which is just another way to say “finish what you have started”. Someone might be watching you and wanting to follow in your footsteps. Show them how to succeed!


Oscar Mike the Bull from OSCAR MIKE on Vimeo.


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