Garret Rapp


This week we’re featuring Garret Rapp, vocalist for Rise Records hardcore band The Color Morale. The Color Morale is a touring machine and Garret is the outspoken mouthpiece for the band’s ideology of hope and inspiration. Get inside the head of a full time musician on his road to spread positivity and connect with his fans in a real and life-changing way.



Introduce yourself / Where might our readers know you from?

Hello, my name is Garret Rapp and I am the vocalist of local post-hardcore band The Color Morale.



Give us a little bit of background on yourself and a run down on your accomplishments thus far in life.

I’ve been touring full time in The Color Morale since about 2008 and I’m currently about to embark on a full U.S. tour follow by a full European Tour including the Vans Warped Tour Europe 2013.



What inspired you to pick up a microphone and tour the world in a smelly van?

I’d always been into music and had established a connection in my early years with music and the emotion behind it. As a kid I had always written and journaled as a therapeutic outlet. I guess somewhere along the way I learned how to incorporate the two.


Photo Cred: Elisa Rodriguez


What is it that keeps you on the move and motivated daily to go out there and be the best that you can be?

Our music delivers a message of hope and community to a younger audience.  I spend 8-10 months a year touring full time delivering this message to younger people in detrimental areas of growth and life.

I see the hurt and distraction in my personal surrounding and how abundantly kids connect with it, so at this point in my travels touring and sharing my stories through song is necessary for me.



Break down your daily routine and how you go about prepping yourself for a tour/show/recording session.

I guess every day depends on the demand of what it entails. On tour, I will generally wake up around 9 or 10 am and do some core stability work, followed of course by Starbucks. We’ll usually travel 3 or 4 hours to the next show when we leave the hotel, and afterwards I’ll go for a walk and digest the region of where we’re playing. I’ve learned that different regions throughout the country call for different forms of communication. You have to learn and understand your audience, and cater to their needs and demands while not compromising the integrity of what you do as an artist.



What are your future goals that keep you looking forward?

I think my time is this band is to bring a message of hope to the listeners. It’s crazy how much The Color Morale connects with its supporters (I hate using the word “fan base”), but it’s truly a blessing to be able to know you’re making a positive impact in someone who may need it more than you or more than they even understand in the moment.



What’s your favorite piece of Oscar Mike gear?

Literally every single item is awesome! (ed. Thanks Garret!) Being that anchors are synonymous with my band and it’s imagery, I definitely love the Sailor Mikey shirt!



What are some of your other interests outside of music / what would you do if you weren’t singing to hundreds of kids a night?

Ultimately I know that I’m here to deliver guidance and positivity to youth. I have such a genuine connection with kids. I feel I’d really make a strong impact being a guidance counselor to middle school or high school age young adults.




What’s next for Garret Rapp?

Tour tour tour!  I’ll wrap up the rest of 2013 touring in the band full time.  What I’m most excited for is the completion of my project HAVE;WILL. The project features a book and solo album. I plan on announcing this in full December and I plan on releasing midway through 2014.



What’s your proudest achievement so far?

The album art for Know Hope (our 3rd and latest release). The back of the artwork booklet contains over 300 lyric tattoos from fans all over the world.



What’s your craziest tour/show moment?

I think for me personally it’s all of the artwork and letters I have been receiving at the merch table while we’re on tour. I’m blown away every time at how authentically kids connect to our music and lyrical content.



What’s been the most challenging thing to overcome thus far?

Being gone in constant. Never having a foundation underneath you because you’re always on the go.



Final words of wisdom or inspiration for our readers:

If you’re deserted / you can desert it / you can never leave an island in your mind until you lose sight of the shoreline / you can try and fail but don’t fail to try / some people spend their entire lives in exile /


Our feet don’t feel the world turn, if we keep standing still.

– Oscar Mike –




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