The Patrol Bag

The Patrol Bag has the versatility of a Swiss Army knife, the dependability of a Ford pickup and styling that Jason Statham could get behind. The Oscar Mike green denim duffle is strong enough to be crammed into a locker, yet handsome enough for a first-class cabin. It's a USA made : Simple, timeless, and nearly indestructible. Work appropriate duffels and briefcases need to be able to hold a change of shoes and clothes, as well as keep your sweaty stench inside so no one is the wiser if you hit the gym twice in one day. 


  • This product is 100% made in the USA and NAFTA compliant
  • Unisex
  • 13oz Bull Denim
  • Nickle Zipper Closure
  • American Flag Velcro Patch (included)
  • OM Logo Embroidery
  • Bottom Width: 20
  • Depth: 9
 All Oscar Mike Apparel and Gear is MADE IN THE USA Because It Matters
*colors and styles may vary slightly