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    Women's Gadsden Snake Molon Labe Tee

    For as long as America has had an armed presence, snakes have slithered their way into American design. Appearing as early as the 1750's with Ben Franklin's famous "JOIN, or DIE" emblem, snakes came to represent the colonial resistance to British rule. America adopted the use of both the glass snake as well as the rattlesnake. Each species came to represent different things but they both shared one common trait, they were species native to North America.

    We here at Oscar Mike have adopted the rattlesnake as well and wrapped one around our logo. The anonymous "American Guesser" once wrote, "She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage." We think that fits pretty well...

    *Tango Yankee for your purchase which directly benefits the Morale and Welfare of our injured veterans and their families. The Oscar Mike Foundation 501(c)(3) offers an outlet for an ongoing competitive lifestyle to thousands of American Veterans who have sacrificed so much for the defense of our country. Stay Forever Oscar Mike!


    • Ultra Slim cut - Check size chart for accurate fit.

    • Slightly tapered to be less boxy than the mass-market tee. Nothing drastic but you might want to go one size larger if you’re on the fence.
    • All the best of cotton and poly meet in this pulled-together ringspun, 30/1 knit. If you don't speak t-shirt geek, that means they are soft and smooth with a high thread count.
    • Some of our designs are intentionally faded or cracked but our inks always do what they are told by our printers.
    • Poly-Cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Combed-Cotton) construction
    • A scoop neck ribbed collar that won't lose its shape
    • Machine wash cold with guts and grit
    • Tumble dry low
    • Proudly printed in Wisconsin
    All Oscar Mike Apparel and Gear is MADE IN THE USA Because It Matters
    *colors and styles may vary slightly