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    custom designed apparel

    Oscar Mike provides custom designed apparel with our American Made products and in house printing process. Explore this page to learn more about our process and apparel options.

    Our Process

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      Custom Design Prep

      The process begins by speaking with your design rep, and together you will collaborate to create and ultimately finalize ideas for a design. During this phase you will have an opportunity to submit graphics for use in the design or have your rep conceptualize a design with you based on your direct input.

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      After you have decided on a design idea, your rep will send the request to a designer who will take your graphics and or the concept and create a mock up. During the design phase you will be allowed 2 modifications to your design at no cost. Additional modifications will incur a design fee. Once your design is complete, we will send you a digital sample of the design. Upon approval by you/your team the design goes into production.

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      With your artwork and the requested garments on hand, the process moves to the print shop where your art will be applied to the garment. This stage can take upto 3 weeks depending on order size or may be affected by extenuating circumstances.

    • Quantity

      All requests received will have a 100 garment minimum. All garments need to be the same. An order consists of 100 shirts, or 100 hoodies, etc. This does not mean you need to have 100 of one color. The minimum is the number of prints. For example, 33 red, 33 blue and 34 white tee shirts satisfies the minimum.

    • ***Keep in mind when using different colored garments, the design may not look as good on one color as it does on another but we’ll help with that.

      ***Ink colors must remain the same for all 100 garments.

      ***If you choose to use a different colored ink, that will require an additional 100 garment minimum.

    • Packaging/Handling/Shipping

      As soon as your garments are printed, each item will be tagged and packaged as required. An inventory will be conducted and your order boxed for shipment.

      We can either use your carrier supplied information or ours and include the shipping fees at invoicing.

    • Tax

      If your organization is tax exempt you will need to provide proof, otherwise we are required to charge tax. For retail clients, we require your retail license or resellers certificate.

    • Payment Terms

      Each invoice must be paid in full prior to going in for production.

      ***Exceptions may apply.

    • Receipt Of Goods

      Within 7 days of receipt, you are expected to conduct a thorough inventory to ensure you received all items. After 7 days we cannot issue a refund. If discrepancies are noted you must notify us immediately to determine the corrective action necessary.

    • Contacts

      We are available Monday through Friday from 0900-1700. Feel free to contact us after working hours by email at:
      Contact us by phone at 815-568-2770.